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My name is Pierre Courtois

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Biography of Pierre Courtois:

Barcelona to New York in passing through London Pierre Courtois is a free electron. A traveler touches everything, and unclassifiable elusive in other words, a mind freed. Informed observer of our world around him, his favorite themes are vissitudes of Love with a large A, one that can lead to dementia, but the rage that gives intense joy.

It depicts human behavior in their nobility as their basest demonstrations. Travel and meetings, money, sensuality and its interpretations, dreams must be realized are many sources of inspiration for the artist.

Messenger of hope in the steadfast positivism, Pierre Courtois lives there are 200% enthusiasm and generous. The extremes are engines of his life and his creation. The artist transposes his reguard, passion and talent on canvases are full of lessons, the lessons of his life somehow.

Peter is a true artist, a thinker of his time and aesthetic criteria athypiques!

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